create a facebook

Step 1: To start, you will need to log in to your personal Facebook.



Step 2: Once you log in, find the pages area in the left hand column (pictured) and click "Create a Page."





Step 3: Choose a type of company or organization (e.g. insurance company is under company).


Step 4: Choose a category and type the name of the company/agency. Press "Get Started."



Step 5: Fill out the about section, picture, and add to your favorites. The instructions are on each page as you go.


Tips for the About Section:

Your about section should include words that apply to what your page is about. For example, "insurance" should be used in the about section.

In addition, a profile picture is important. Think about logos and anything with color that relates to the topic of the page. The idea is to draw attention to your posts.

Adding to your favorites allows you to find pages more quickly on your own personal account.


Step 6: The preferred audience is one of the most important parts when setting up your company page. Be sure to add your location, desired audience's age range and interests. This helps filter results when people look for you and when you are suggested as a page to like.

Congratulations, you are done with your Facebook page!