helpful media sites

Most social media platforms give you tips on how to manage your new page or group. 

  • Facebook has information on the left-hand side as you scroll down the page, under "page tips." In addition, if you look at the insights at the top of the page, you are given statistics as you post to see what posts receive the most engagement and feedback at what time, as well as what types of posts perform the best. 

  • LinkedIn Company Page has references, video tutorials and tips on how to improve your company page. It even refers you to the top pages of the year so that you can replicate what they do for your own brand.


Hootsuite is a common tool that is used to schedule posts on multiple platforms. If you do not want to pay for it, Hootsuite's blog gives great tips on how to use social media including what strategies are beneficial to your social media platforms.


Feedly is a resource that you can use to generate content. It's a simple site that allows you to make lists of types of content you want. This allows you to look at articles without going to each individual site.

virtual university

Virtual University is a great resource to grab articles and other content for your social media channels. 

Virtual University is listed as a link under "Education" on IIAN's website.

insurance news outlets

Insurance news outlets (PropertyCasualty 360, iamagazine, Insurance Journal) write articles on social media. They often include tips specifically geared toward insurance and independent agents.


No graphic design skills or programs? No problem! Canva is a great resource to create graphics for any occasion.


Buffer is a resource that you can use to schedule and post content all in one place. It's a simple site that allows you to choose the location, time, and information you want to post for free. This allows you to easily post without having to constantly be on each site every time you want to send out a post.