Bio: Short for biography, it is the area on your profile that explains to new or potential followers who you are. It is used on almost all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Engagement: It is the interaction from your followers on a certain post. Replies, shares, retweets, and conversations all contribute to your profile's engagement. High engagement is good for your profile.


Followers: The people who see your content regularly on their feed. They have chosen to click the follow or like button because they want to see more of the content you provide. 


Handle: Your handle is your account name. For example, our handle on Twitter is @bigiofnebraska


Hashtag or #: Hashtags are a way to mark a topic (or topics) in social media messages and make them easy to find for people with shared interests. On most social networks, clicking a hashtag will allow you to see posts by all people who used that same hashtag. Hashtags are primarily used on Twitter.


Likes: When someone clicks the thumbs up or heart on your content on Facebook and Twitter, this is considered a "like." A "like" can also be when people want to follow your company page on Facebook.


Mention: The act of tagging or @ing another user's handle in a post. This action notifies the user you mentioned them in a post. This is not a private message -- anyone who can see your content will know that you mentioned someone. 


Retweets: When someone shares something you posted with their followers on Twitter.


Shares: When content is reposted on a social media site through another user's channel.


Tagging: This is what it means when you identify someone else in a post. A tag notifies a person or company that you have mentioned them in a post. A "tag" will provide a link back to a person's profile.


Trending: A topic or hashtag that is popular on social media at any given moment. Particularly on Twitter and Facebook.


Verified: A social media account can be verified as authentic. It is at the discretion of the social media provider. This is usually reserved for brands and public figures as a way of preventing fraud and protecting the integrity of the person or company behind the account. 


*An extended glossary can be found at https://blog.hootsuite.com/the-2015-social-media-glossary-207-essential-definitions/